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68-Pin External SCSI Cables

For all WIDE SCSI applications up to and including Ultra3/Ultra160

We are now offering ULTRA 320 LVD External Shielded Cables, made with Madison "Universal" LVD/SCSI cable.

VHDCI "Off Set"
VHDCI "Honda"
High-Density 68 Male
Micro-Centronics 68

High-Density 68 Female
w/Female Thumbscrews
*for IN-LINE Connections
Right-Angle High-Density 68
Male Screw-Lock
High-Density 68 Male
w/ Clip-Locks
Right-Angle High-Density 68
Male w/ Clip-Locks

TERMINATED 68-to-50 External Shielded Cable

Fully Shielded External Wide-to-Narrow Cable with “HIGH-9” Termination with Single-Ended “Active Negation” or “Differential” Termination
Ideal for high-end SCSI subsystems and RAID arrays integrated with WIDE and NARROW drives.
Put a tape back-up or CD ROM on your WIDE SCSI subsystem!
To Order: Active - (T68A) Differential - (T68D)


- Single-Ended Active
- Differential

To order: Create cable order number according to your specifications, then place order.

Example: 3ft .8mm Ultra SCSI to Standard Wide 68,  "Universal SCSI" cable
with toroids has the following order number:

Configuration Length Cable Impedance Toroids
Cable ends can be ANY of the above connectors - in ANY combination
(or with ANY "Narrow" 50-pin connector)
For lengths other than feet, use the appropriate abbreviations
in = inches
m = meters
cm = centimeters

- UNIV ("Universal" LVD SCSI for ULTRA 320 - backwards compatible)
T = w/Toroids
Leave Blank for no Toroids


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